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NC State tight end Cary Angeline ineligible for first 3 games of 2018 season

this is a big pile of crap but whatever

Troy v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Transfer tight end Cary Angeline will not be able to play in NC State’s first three games this season, Dave Doeren said Friday. Angeline, who is a transfer from Southern Cal, left that program after dressing for USC’s first three games in 2017.

Angeline played in USC’s first two games last year but did not participate in the third, so the Wolfpack had been hoping that he’d only have to sit out a pair of games in September. Makes sense, right? Sit for the games in which you participated, and that’s that.

The NCAA disagreed. I guess once you put don the jersey on game day you cross some sort of imaginary eligibility line, whether or not you’re ever anything beyond a glorified onlooker.

[UPDATE: Per Debbie Yow, the NCAA’s rule apparently is that you have to sit a full 365 days after transferring. The games played thing doesn’t enter the calculus:

That’s dumb.]

But it’s never much use trying to look at the NCAA’s decisions logically, since they obviously have no idea what they are doing or trying to uphold from week to week. You can’t “well actually” the NCAA, basically—you can shout into the sky all you want, but they don’t give a shit. They are the world’s saddest collection of accountants.