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Looking at the Wolfpack in the eyes of advanced metrics

How does NC State stack up in the FEI, S&P+, and Sagarin ratings

Georgia State v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images


Overall: 32

Strength of Schedule: 48

Strength of Schedule (of opponents played to-date): 108


Overall: 45

Offense: 61

Defense: 45

Special Teams: 93

F/+ (Combination of FEI and S&P+)

Overall: 34


Overall: 26

Strength of Schedule (of opponents played to-date): 129

It’s still early in the season, so a lot of these metrics have a ways to go yet and will fluctuate greatly week to week. FEI doesn’t really take shape until around Week 7, and S&P+ doesn’t really begin to get into their more detailed outputs until after Week 3 (but even then, isn’t really into a form that’s only considering this season until closer to Week 7).

What we do see from these numbers (and something that I don’t think any of us will dispute) is that the current Strength of Schedule is really weighing down the ratings right now. This weekend would have changed that quite dramatically with West Virginia ranking in the Top 30 in all but FEI, but that won’t happen now (thanks a lot, Hurricane Florence). The Marshall game will still move the needle, just not as much (Marshall is in the 50-to-60 range in FEI, S&P+, and F/+, but Sagarin hates the Herd with them in the 90’s).

The offense at 61 with the struggles of the run game feels about right; good, but not great, with plenty of room for improvement.

Surprising in the ratings is that S&P+ has special teams ranked so low. I think you’d be hard pressed to convince anyone following State this year that the special teams unit is performing at anything resembling that low of a level.