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Don’t let the internet shame you, awesome girl

People are bad but you are great.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Awesome Girl,

You are internet famous today, for a reason you probably don’t prefer. And probably there are a lot of people on this internet who are suggesting that you should feel bad about why you are internet famous. Do not let these people get you down.

(Pictured: Awesome Girl)

What no one on the internet will remember today is that James Madison had been talking a lot of junk right up to this point. Ben DiNucci had the stones to stare down the entire NC State sideline after scrambling for a first down. Riley Stapleton shushed the crowd after he scored the Dukes’ first touchdown.

Were you here to allow for that shit? Hell no, you were not here to allow for that shit. And that is why you are awesome and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. And so fuck James Madison and everybody else, too.

Yours in solidarity,