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Meet the Marshall Thundering Herd all-anagram team

NCAA Football: New Mexico Bowl-Marshall vs Colorado State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The key to game prep in any given week is, of course, the study of one’s opponents’ anagrams. There is no better way to peer into a man’s soul than this. Here are some of the most significant anagrams on the Marshall football team. No doubt they are the Herd’s most significant playmakers.

Stone Scarcelle -- local erectness

Well that, uh, well certainly that event tends to be localized, yes.

Channing Hames -- enhancing hams

Ham enhancement is always crucial to every ham-centered meal. You don’t always see young folks keeping this fundamental at the fore.

Dalton Tucker -- rotund tackle; donut tackler

Every now and then, a person’s anagrams are autobiographical. Dalton Tucker is a 310-pound offensive lineman.

Sam Burton -- robust man; sorta numb

I’m going to start answering “how are you doing?” with “feelin’ pretty robust.”

Omari Cobb -- bimbo orca

That’d explain a few things about the whale population now wouldn’t it.

Steven Gilmore -- serving omelet; removes tingle

Hopefully not at the same time.

Keion Davis -- Kid Evasion

Kid Evasion! I believe he is on roughly the ninth tier within the Marvel universe of superheroes since his only ability is picking up slightly more than average yardage on punt returns.

Trey Livingood -- Troy Evildoing

Troy Evildoing is the villain defensive coordinator in the Kid Evasion series.

Chris Jackson -- John’s carsick.

You hate to hear that.

Alex Thomson -- Halt sex—mono!

Wise words of warning for any college student. Not that anybody would or should heed them.