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Week 4: Whole Pack of GIFs

Hilary Duff Announces The ‘Imagine If, With Jif’ Contest Kick Off With Jif Peanut Butter Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Jif

Week 4 GIF-able moments

Kelvin Harmon: Beast Mode

Kelvin Harmon had 6 catches for 150 yards. Here is one of the best.

Rumblin’ RGII

Reggie Gallaspy II ran for two TDs. I promise these are two different plays.

Tanner Ingle Hit of the Week

Okay so this isn’t exactly a big hit but it is a nice shoestring tackle for a loss.

Momentum Changer

Marshall was driving late and likely would have kicked a FG to end the half. Instead they fumbled and it was the Pack who kicked a FG before half and then received the ball to start the second half.

What a fake!

This is a play that worked frequently for Jacoby Brissett and I’m glad the team continues to have success with it. You fake the handoff or toss to no one and then throw a touchdown. In this case, Finley faked the handoff to the memory of JaySam and threw a beauty of a pass to Emezie for the score. As has been pointed out in the Participation Report comments, you can see Cary Angeline double teamed at the bottom of the screen which helped get Emezie so open.

Nail in the Coffin

Jarius Morehead’s pick-six at the end of the 3rd quarter seemed to take any fight that was left out of the Herd.

“Wheels” makes an appearance

It is a rare and wonderful moment when Ryan Finley decides to tuck the ball and run for a first down.

Ingram’s Initial INT

Congratulations to Chris Ingram on “pick”-ing up his first career interception. Hopefully, it is the first of many in a Wolfpack uniform.

Thanks again to cylonwolf for the work he does posting the games to YouTube. This post wouldn’t have been possible without it.