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Highlights! Receiving corps bails out Ryan Finley’s bad day, and NC State rolls anyhow

Virginia v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Ryan Finley did not have a good first half on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, he’s got a zillion talented receivers who are often making him look good, and they turned this game against UVA.

Finley threw up a pair of ill-advised jump balls toward Emeka Emezie, and Emezie came down with both of them, the latter for a touchdown. That’s how trust is built! And also good lord how many monsters are there on this receiving corps?

But when Finley got it together, NC State didn’t have much problem beating UVA, those first 30 minutes aside.

This Wolfpack defense is pretty damned good, with the occasional big-play mistakes aside. They are solid and they are routine, and they let Ryan Finley have bad days, and you don’t always get that kind of luxury.

They call football a team game because it is—sometimes you gotta bail out your all-star quarterback. NC State did that this week, across the board.