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Highlights! NC State smokes Georgia State, 41-7

It was too easy on Saturday.

Georgia State v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Yep yep, it was an easy one Saturday afternoon, so enjoy these highlights. It might get tough next week, but also next week might be another hurricane game. Too soon to worry about that now, though. Ryan Finley certainly was not worrying.

Whew. Brady Bodine, the ground game, Finley, et cetera et cetera. Finley averaged nearly 10 yards per attempt, even including his interception,

Jakobi Meyers did not play, but he was not necessary, and that again goes to show just how deep this team is at wide receiver. State has a half dozen dudes who can be difference-makers and set that edge in the passing game, which we saw Saturday. Opposing defenses like Georgia State simply cannot run that deep.

That makes life easier on Finley, and man is he good with a clean pocket. Good luck with that, everybody else. It’s not too difficult to find mismatches and NC State had plenty Saturday afternoon.