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Dave Doeren is helping a lot of assistant coaches get promotions

NCAA Football: TaxSlayer Gator Bowl-Texas A&M vs North Carolina State Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

I got to thinking about this after the Eddie Faulkner news this week—Dave Doeren has done a pretty darn good job of surrounding himself with talented assistants. As PirateWolf noted, turnover stinks, but if that turnover comes as the result of guys being promoted, then clearly Doeren is doing a lot of things right.

Here’s a list of the assistants that have moved on during Doeren’s tenure, mostly for better:

Mike Uremovich (OL) — left to become offensive coordinator at Northern Illinois

Ryan Nielsen (DL) — left to coach the defensive line for the New Orleans Saints

Eddie Faulkner (TE/ST) — left to coach running backs for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Dwayne Ledford (OL) — left for offensive coordinator job at Louisville

Eli Drinkwitz (OC) — left to become head coach at App State

Matt Canada (OC) — fired

Frisman Jackson (WR) — fired

I could also throw in Des Kitchings, who backed out of taking the Furman job at the last minute. Kitchings is an essential part of the staff and will remain so as long as he’s in Raleigh. Kitchings is the longest-tenured assistant on staff, since he was first a part of Tom O’Brien’s staff.

Dave Doeren has a strong eye for talent, and it turns out that extends beyond the field. Normally, this much turnover within the football staff would bug me, but NC State is in a good place, and guys aren’t ejecting because they suck, they’re leaving because they are being promoted. There’s a lot of things to worry about, but this? Nah.