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Here’s Garrett Bradbury destroying a defensive lineman at the Senior Bowl

East Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

There is a symmetry to football that I appreciate, which is that the skill guys get to do all of the interesting things in the games, but those same skill guys do nothing but boring stuff that nobody cares to watch in practice drills. Offensive linemen, however, well sure they’re underappreciated during games, but they get to show the hell off in practice.

See Garrett Bradbury on Wednesday:

Bradbury drove that poor unsuspecting defensive tackle back seven yards behind the line of scrimmage, and doing that in front of every single front office in the NFL is a pretty badass power move.

Bradbury’s the best at what he does—he even has the trophy to prove it!—but still it’s easy to overlook how much he matters on game day, because there aren’t many of us looking at the center once the snap successfully makes it to the quarterback.

The guys with the big checkbooks are watching closely, though.