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Thanks, Jakobi

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

If you remember Jakobi Meyers’ time at NC State with just one moment, well honestly that’s not fair, but also, here’s how you can distill his talent in one play:

State doesn’t win that game in Chapel Hill without that catch. As usual, Jakobi Meyers was essential. We’re going to miss that a lot. He had 92 catches this year—92! He was the safety valve for Ryan Finley, the guy Finley would look for whenever things got tough. Kelvin Harmon was the home run hitter, but Jakobi was the easy fix to whatever down we were in.

He’s a huge talent. Smart as hell, too. And, yeah, you can do this in college:

Meyers is one of the good college football success stories—he was a quarterback committed to Kent State, and now he’s leaving school early because he’s going to be a successful wide receiver. I wish we had longer, but it’s been fun.