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NC State is an early 1-point favorite over Boston College

Boston College v Louisville Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Like the ACC itself, Boston College is difficult to make sense of, and no amount of thinking on the subject is bound to provide much clarity. The Eagles still have A.J. Dillon doing all the typical A.J. Dillon things, and their offense has been solid, but on the other hand here is this weird 48-24 loss at home to Kansas they did, and what’s that about?

Kansas hasn’t scored more than 24 points in any other game this season.

The oddsmakers aren’t taking a strong position on NC State-Boston College except to say that it will probably be close. The Wolfpack opened as a one-point road favorite.

The Eagles have narrow losses to Louisville and Wake Forest this season to go with a win over an unimpressive Virginia Tech squad, and at times BC certainly looks okay at football. So like us!

Perhaps they can help us restore some confidence in the Wolfpack offense—the Eagles’ defense has been downright putrid at times and isn’t particularly noteworthy on the best of days.