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Please send help: NC State suffering from critical turnover shortage

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Pittsburgh
Seen here: A rare takeaway in the wild.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Does anybody remember defensive takeaways? My memory was fuzzy, but I was pretty sure I remembered they could be important, so I looked ‘em up. Takeaways are what they call it when a defense recovers a fumble or intercepts a pass. You could be forgiven for forgetting this, since NC State hasn’t had a takeaway SINCE DATGONE SEPTEMBER 21ST.

Yes, it’s true, a full calendar month and then some has passed us by since the last defensive turnover, much like a wide variety of opponents’ passes. NC State has yet to force a turnover in league play and has gone three straight games without one. It’s difficult enough to be successful under the Wolfpack’s current circumstances, and when you don’t help yourself at least a little bit here and there, well, it makes things all the worse.

NC State has five total takeaways on the year, which ranks dead last in FBS. Everybody else has at least six by now.

Amazingly, the Wolfpack’s overall turnover margin is only -1. The offense has done a good job of protecting the ball, which at least has prevented the season from going completely pear-shaped. But there’s still time!

Will this situation turn around in 2019? Is there a flood of turnovers headed our way? The football season is so short, there’s no way to say for sure. All we can do is hope. And possibly do a turnover dance of some kind, if anybody happens to know one.