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The ACC in SP+, Week 12: NC State’s plummet continues

It could be worse; it could be raining.

Clemson v North Carolina State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Once upon a time, NC State appeared to be playing decent football, and managed to crack the top 35 in SP+. This year, I mean. That happened during this season. But of course, as the weeks progressed and the sadness picked up steam like a boulder careening down a hill, NC State did nothing but sink. This week, a new season low after the blowout to Clemson: the Wolfpack is down to 71st in SP+.

I wish there were reasons to believe NC State might start playing better over the last few weeks, but the team is so banged up and demoralized, I can’t see anything changing. But they can prove me wrong if they want. I’d be fine with that.

Certainly the results ain’t gonna start changing unless the Wolfpack snaps its current five-game takeaway drought. It’s impressive in its own way: going that many games without even lucking into a whoopsie by the other team is not easy to do! State has been stuck on five total turnovers forced since Sept. 21. I don’t know what there is to say about this run, it’s just weird as hell.

NC State has finished six straight games with a negative turnover margin, so it’s small wonder that the Pack only won two of ‘em. How long will this zaniness continue?

ACC Standings by SP+

Team Wk 12 SP+ Rtg (Rank) SP+ Rank Change Offense Rank Defense Rank
Team Wk 12 SP+ Rtg (Rank) SP+ Rank Change Offense Rank Defense Rank
Clemson 27.5 (6) -1 6 3
Miami 12.8 (27) 1 61 16
Virginia 6.8 (42) 1 77 30
Wake Forest 4.1 (48) -2 45 70
UNC 3.8 (49) 0 42 65
Pitt 3.6 (50) -2 117 7
Florida State 3.6 (51) 0 44 61
Virginia Tech 3.3 (52) 12 72 48
Louisville 0.4 (60) -7 36 92
Duke -0.2 (61) 0 104 40
Boston College -1.3 (67) -7 26 107
NC State -2.1 (71) -6 94 55
Syracuse -4.2 (85) 7 97 69
Georgia Tech -8.3 (99) -2 110 49