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BTP Pregame Predictions: Clemson

So how’s this thing gonna go? Do I have to do this?

NCAA Football: Clemson at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Fine. Let’s just get to it...


Prediction: 3-8 billion (L)

Comment: “Maybe if Bam runs in circles around the field like Benny Hill we can just kill the clock. I’m thinking of taking Mrs TheReal out to a nice dinner instead of watching this. “


Prediction: 10-55 (L)



Prediction: 0-77 (L)

Comment: “NC State gets to face a Clemson team that just found out they are 5th in the CFP rankings. I predict pain.“


Prediction: 9-45 (L)

Comment: “Can we get a running clock for this game? I don’t know how else Clemson would fail to cover the spread.“


Prediction: 13-52 (L)

Comment: “SP+ has Clemson winning by 26, Sagarin by 28-to-33 depending on calculation method. I’m going with a strong rye whiskey for tailgate.“


Prediction: 17-16 (W)

Comment: “Ask me if I really believe this? No don’t...but let’s not pretend miracles haven’t happened before under the lights“

BTP Staff Cumulative Prediction: 9-58* (L)

Note: Essad’s point prediction for Clemson was rounded down to 100 for the sake of things.

Agree? Disagree? Want to discuss preemptive options for numbing the pain? Sound off in the comments!