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NC State football’s 2019 breakout candidates: Who ya got?


Florida State v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Before you know it, it’ll almost be football season. The official start of Almost Football Season is July 27th and 4:28 p.m. No, I don’t know why. And, unfortunately, at this current time it is May. Bummers all around.

In a brazen attempt to bridge the chasm of time before us, the ACC Digital Network produced its picks for three NC State breakout players: Ricky Person, Emeka Emezie, and Isaiah Moore. All fine guesses. We don’t even know what Person looks like at 100%, which is scary, and Emezie figures to be a leader of State’s reconstructed receiving corps. Moore showed immense promise as a redshirt freshman.

Here are three more picks, ignoring the quarterback spot altogether. Submit your own below.

1.) Alim McNeill (DT) — Over the last few seasons I have developed a soft spot for the guys in the middle of the defensive line, guys who themselves have a couple soft spots. McNeill was noticeable as a freshman, which is no easy accomplishment, especially up front. He’s got huge potential and you can bet he’ll improve on the 5.5 tackles for loss he recorded in 2018.

2.) Tabari Hines (WR) — Before spending a season abroad at Oregon, Hines was one of the better slot receivers in the ACC. In three seasons at Wake Forest, he recorded 123 receptions, and it’s no stretch to think he’ll slide back into a prominent role in his final college season.

3.) Cary Angeline (TE) — His first season in Raleigh went by unremarkably as the passing game’s sights were more often focused on the proven dangerous threats elsewhere, but in particular I think Jakobi Meyers’ departure leaves room for Angeline to make a greater impact.