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Dre Bly is the perfect assistant for Mack Brown’s UNC has-been collective

remember this guy, kids? well ask your parents then.

Dre’’ Bly #31

UNC’s new football staff is working from behind and, understandably, they are doing whatever they can to make up for that position. Which of course involves a lot of lies. Among other things.

This is going to end up a disaster for them, which is totally fine, I am entirely fine with that, and the best example of it is this tweet from corners coach Dre Bly, which he sent out while NC State was once again getting multiple players drafted:

Aside from this being an incredibly stupid position to make explicit—IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NFL DRAFT—let me outline what this says to recruits:

1.) We are going to coddle our four- and five-star prospects at the expense of everyone else in the hopes that we might churn out a first-rounder or two. Their odds are better than yours, common three-star kid, and therefore you don’t matter.
2.) We have no plan.
3.) Most of you do not matter to us at all, since apparently we’re just trying to develop a few high-end prospects rather than preparing all of you for the league. It’s weird that we’d do that, I know.
4.) If we’re this dumb on Twitter then think about all the useless approaches to football we’re trying to teach you.
5.) Yes of course we feel like this is a contest. That’s not going to help you, though.

More than a dozen UNC players have been quietly shown the door since these guys took over.