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Bill Connelly’s ACC football previews paint an early picture of NC State’s season

North Carolina State v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Bill Connelly has reached the ACC in his annual pre-season college football preview marathon. His piece on NC State isn’t up yet, but he’s gotten through a handful of the Pack’s 2019 opponents, projected scoring margins for those contests included.

Here are those projected margins:

NC State vs. BC: Wolfpack by 3
NC State vs. FSU: Seminoles by 7
NC State vs. Georgia Tech: Wolfpack by 7
UNC vs. NC State: Wolfpack by 6
Louisville vs. NC State: Wolfpack by 12

S&P+ really hates Louisville and Georgia Tech, both of which have first-year coaches and some immense challenges to face in the immediate future. For the Cardinals, that’s mostly just about finding talent. The Yellow Jackets are moving entirely away from the option and implementing one of those forward-pass-based schemes that all the youths are always yammering on about.

Anyway this is all fine by me. Let’s go ahead and lock in these results now, so I don’t have to stress all that much in the fall.

You can read Bill’s ACC team previews (along with the others he’s done so far) right here.