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Jarius Morehead, Ricky Person among NC State players receiving preseason All-ACC honors from Athlon

East Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Athlon went deep with its all-conference predictions, which is to say that the publication picked four teams’ worth of players. NC State has eight players spread across them, though none are on the first team.

Safety Jarius Morehead and placekicker Chris Dunn both earned second-team honors to lead the way. Offensive lineman Josh Fedd-Jackson and defensive end James Smith-Williams made the third team, while running back Ricky Person, defensive tackle Alim McNeill, offensive lineman Justin Witt (he’ll beat this projection), and wideout Emeka Emezie earned fourth-team selections.

That’s not much respect for the offense’s skill positions, but most folks are going to be skeptical about those areas until they see how the quarterback spot sorts out on the field.

Clemson has eight players on the first team alone, which effectively illustrates how far ahead the Tigers are of the rest of the league right now. (Y’know, if the national title game didn’t take care of that for you.)