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NCAA releases latest Academic Progress Rate

NCAA Football: Florida State at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate is, like many NCAA things, stupid as hell, but alas something we have to live with nonetheless. It’s a four-year rolling number that essentially measures how well college programs graduate athletes or maintain them in good academic standing before leaving.

Under this system, a 1000-point score is perfect, while anything under 930 may be subject to penalties, such as post-season bans. Not surprisingly, it is the schools at the poor end of the spectrum—the ones that cannot afford a big academic support staff—that are most frequently hit with penalties.

NC State doesn’t have a program in any danger of said penalties. Football’s APR is 970, baseball is at 977, women’s basketball is at 986, and men’s hoops is a bit low at 944 in the latest figures. Football, baseball, and women’s hoops are all above the NCAA average.

The lowest score among the other programs at State is women’s volleyball’s 978.

Looking around the ACC, about the only noteworthy figure is FSU football’s 936. That’s the lowest number for any ACC revenue sports program, but the Seminoles will probably get that trending back in the right direction before consequences become possible.