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Dave Doeren is ready for beer sales at Carter-Finley

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Dog dutifully slogs a keg from the great keg growing fields of western Canada to a football stadium in the southeastern United States.
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Dave Doeren, like the coaches before him at NC State, does not enjoy seeing all of the empty seats in Carter-Finley Stadium at the beginning of every third quarter. We can all understand where he’s coming from on that, though the situation isn’t going to change before beer is available inside the stadium gates.

Doeren was apparently asked about that following the coaches caravan event in Raleigh on Tuesday night:

A good point that I had not considered before: Dave notes that folks could “save their legs” if they didn’t have to walk all the way to the dang tailgate for a beer. This is very true, and would help immensely for all defensive third-down situations in the fourth quarter. It’s important to stay fresh so you can stand when needed, folks. Usually I’m laid out across four seats in the upper deck by then, all my sports-cheering energy having been drained from being forced to use my legs too much. Rescue me from such struggle, legislators!

But anyway, yes, please bring on the beer sales. It’s overdue, and jokes aside, it would definitely make a difference in the stadium atmosphere. Until then, Dave’s just gonna have to live with the party moving outside at halftime.