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NC State football over/under: Let’s do some guessin’ about offensive production

North Carolina State v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Having lots of skill production to replace on the offensive side is a bit scary, but also it’s exciting to contemplate who may step up big into the void. And on that count, NC State has plenty of worthy candidates.

Here I will set some entirely arbitrary-but-realistic-seeming over/under production totals for a few individuals and you can take your pick. Who knows, maybe I’ll think up a way to make this a contest.

For the regular season only:

Running back Ricky Person: 850.5 rushing yards / 8.5 rushing touchdowns

Can Ricky Person stay healthy for a full season? Even if he does, will he end up as part of a committee approach to the ground game with Zonovan Knight? Nobody doubts Person’s potential but he’s got to prove the injury bug was a one-year thing.

Wide receiver Emeka Emezie: 825.5 receiving yards / 64.5 receptions

There’s a lot that a receiver can’t control no matter how talented he is, first and foremost being the skill of the guy throwing him the football. And to that end.

NC State starting quarterback man guy dude: 2450.5 passing yards / 20.5 touchdown passes / 12.5 interceptions

Here’s hoping that whoever ends up getting the starting gig makes all of these numbers seem terribly pessimistic.