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NC State football over/under: Let us widely speculate on some defensive numbers

How widely? This widely.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Let there be more rampant individual-based football speculation! Back in June, I picked out a few players on the offensive side and set some entirely-made-up over/under numbers for each one and let you wager hard-earned internet dollars on ‘em.

Let’s head on over to the defense now. Over/unders for regular-season games only:

Defensive end James Smith-Williams: 9.5 sacks / 1.5 fumbles forced

Part of me is inclined to think Smith-Williams is due for a big season, but then again this is the offseason and I may simply be hallucinating on bath salts. (The bath salts really make July fly by!) He finished last season with six sacks.

Linebacker Isaiah Moore: 82.5 tackles / 9.5 tackles for loss

Moore finished last season with 69 tackles, and adding about one additional tackle per game seems reasonable. He needs to be more of a play-maker with Germaine Pratt gone and hopefully he’s up to that challenge.

Defensive tackle Alim McNeill: 8.5 tackles for loss / 4.5 jingly-jangles

In case you are not up on your football terminology, a jingly-jangle is a fat man celebration with an extensive amount of stomachular gyration, most frequently seen following sacks or turnovers.