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Dave Doeren will do your beer drinking for you if you stay in the stands at halftime

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Doeren hasn’t been shy about voicing his, er, disappointment when it comes to the lack of fans in the Carter-Finley Stadium stands at the beginning of third quarters. Not surprisingly, that was a point of discussion at the ACC Kickoff now that beer sales at campus events have been legalized.

Dave joked with Adam Gold and Joe Ovies that he’d happily chug a beer at the 50 yard line if the fans stayed in the building rather than utilizing their halftime pass-outs. Sounds good to me!

I’d be willing to make the sacrifice for at least one game if he were actually willing to do this. And, honestly, most coaches probably could do with a beer at halftime—might loosen them up a bit so they don’t do so many dumb punts all the time. If coach is feelin’ good in buzztown for a quarter then certainly he will be more inclined to feel that punts are lame. That’s just science.

Curle did some important gif-work on this subject also: