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Attempts to have fun online once again ruined by a horde of the terminally humorless

TaxSlayer Gator Bowl - North Carolina State v Texas A&M Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

We have got to get to football season, man, because people are wound up too tight right now. Or all the time. It’s all the time for some of them.

NC State’s players are reporting for the start of fall camp this week, and the program had some fun with it by posting videos of guys arriving in a variety of silly ways. For example, here is Matt McKay driving up in a zamboni:

It’s a serious time of year for the players and coaches, so why not approach the whole thing with levity? We are having some good, clean, kid-friendly family barbecue-level fun here, people. Adjust your face’s chuckle setting to moderate!

But lo! What frowns are these which approach from the horizon? What thunder soundeth distant, roiling keystrokes smacked in the fervor of gathered displeasure? Here is a young man driving a fancy vehicle!

This is how things work on Twitter these days: someone attempts to do something fun and some amusement is had by several and then an avalanche of dorks arrive to scold or otherwise ridicule that something until the whole situation is intolerable. Then Barstool picks up on it—their social media model being rooted in stealing content—which makes things several orders of magnitude worse.

Now the fun has been shot, stabbed, and set on fire. Oh well, better luck next time.