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Dave Doeren speaks with media following first day of fall camp

Indeed we are talking about practice.

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Virginia v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

On Friday afternoon, Dave Doeren announced to the assembled members of the media that his team is great, everything is perfect, and he’s canceling the rest of fall camp so everyone can rest up. I’m just kiddin’.

We’re in take-it-one-day-at-a-time mode officially, and for some reason Doeren was asked about the quarterbacks even though there is absolutely nothing that can be learned about anybody on day one of camp. Inside Pack Sports has the video from Dave’s short Q&A in addition to a transcript.

Doeren offered up praise for a few guys today:

I think Xavier Lyas and Joseph Boletepeli are our two most improved guys on the defensive line, so I’m excited for them.

I thought Jordan Houston, this was the first time I’ve really seen him do anything since he’s been here since he wasn’t here in the spring, is a really gifted guy. There’s going to be a lot of those guys that we look at early in rep and see what they can do.

He is also really looking forward to expanding the program’s budget thanks to ACC Network revenue:

Our budget has a lot of restrictions at times. Anytime you can increase your ability to fly a certain way or do certain things or change facilities… We’ve been really fortunate to have this indoor, to redo our training room through private gifts, what Andy Albright did for our training room and Jim King and Derick Close for this, but all of a sudden, you start getting $10 million more, and you can do some more things without asking. It helps a lot.

(Dave’s probably tired of the “wow, a coach flying coach! haha, get it, coach?” he gets from the dudes sitting next to him on flights.)

In his piece on the ACC Network for The Athletic last month, Dave Glenn reported that the ACC has been telling schools to expect about a $5 million bump in revenue out of the gate. While that pales in comparison to the revenue rolling in from the Big Ten and SEC networks, that figure is nonetheless substantial. Especially for a school like NC State, which ranks among the bottom third of power-conference schools in revenue.