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You’ll need an ACC Network subscription to watch NC State’s game against WCU online (UPDATE: Actually, this ain’t true at all!)

Virginia v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

UPDATE 8/6/19: As someone from Fox Sports was kind enough to alert me via email, this game—as well as the other ACC matchup being carried by ACCNX—will air on television on Fox Sports South. My sincerest apologies for causing any undue panic.

Original post:

The online streaming landscape is going to be a bit more confusing, at least at first, with the launch of the ACC Network. You might have noticed recently that a lot of ESPN3 broadcasts have been branded as “ACC Network Extra” games despite being under the basic WatchESPN/ESPN3 umbrella.

That’s changing soon: ACC Network Extra (or ACCNX, as they are calling it) will be a separate streaming service behind a paywall beginning this fall. That means that you will need to provide your provider credentials to prove you are an ACC Network subscriber in order to view ACCNX broadcasts.

This is important because NC State’s home game against Western Carolina is one of five ACC football games that will stream exclusively on ACCNX. (Tip of the cap to Awful Announcing for the find.)

If you live out of state or otherwise aren’t planning on attending that game, you may want to start buddying up to anybody you know who has DirecTV or any other major providers that agree to carry the ACC Network between now and the start of football season. You’re gonna need some cable/satellite login credentials to watch this game. (Legally, anyhow.)