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As per standard practice, NC State smokes ECU, 34-6

East Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

And to think, some of you people were worried about the outcome of this game. Listen, I’m just upset about missing the multi-touchdown score that was obvious and clear before this even got started.

NC State had a clear point to make, and it was a well frankly who knows. NC State is 1-0, and that’s necessary. This is not a precision that matters, it’s simply a vague area. Welcome to football. Hell yeah.

We will update this post throughout the day. It’s going to be updated with various updates on how ECU lost at football, and well you just really don’t care to see it. Frankly, it’s unfortunate to see; you can’t love it; it’s just a varied sadness; man that is just too bad; welcome back to football, folks.

We’re 1-0, have a great day, everybody.