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NC State announces updated Carter-Finley Stadium heat plan for 2019

Boy drinking from a public water fountain Photo by Independent Picture Service/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

With a couple of noon games to begin the 2019 football season, fans can expect one hot-ass viewing experience at Carter-Finley Stadium. NC State has instituted a variety of measures to help with those conditions inside the stadium, which are outlined here:

Rex Healthcare: two Rex Healthcare stations are always available to fans on game days, one on the East Concourse (near Gate 8) and one on the West Concourse (near Gate 4). Heat plan activation adds a third air conditioned station on the North Concourse (near Gate 14) and upgrades the East Concourse station to an air conditioned tent (West Concourse station is a permanent air conditioned space).

Water Stations (enhanced for 2019): complimentary water stations have been further expanded since last season and will be available in the following concourse locations: East Concourse (near Gate 8 and Gate 10); Southwest Concourse (near Section 215); and North Concourse (near Section 220 and Section 221).

Bottled Water: fans are always permitted to bring into Carter-Finley Stadium one sealed water bottle per person. Additional bottled water is available for sale at concession stands throughout the stadium.

Bottle Filling Stations (new for 2019): bottle filling stations have been added throughout the concourse, near existing water fountains, for fans to utilize at their convenience.

Misting Stations (enhanced for 2019): misting stations have been further expanded since last season and will be available in the following concourse locations: East Concourse (near Sections 10-11); South Concourse (near Sections 212-214); and North Concourse (near Sections 220-223).

Dunking Stations: coolers filled with iced water, for fans to dunk a handkerchief, mini towel, etc. will be available on the South Concourse (near Sections 212-214) and at the Rex Healthcare stations on the North Concourse (near Gate 14) and East Concourse (near Gate 8). Reminder: fans should never drink from towel stations due to risk of illness.

Air Conditioned Buses (enhanced for 2019): Four air conditioned buses will be parked outside of the East, West and North gates of the stadium. Medical personnel will direct fans to these buses based on medical need.

Shade Tents (new for 2019): tents will be added to a number of exposed areas of the stadium concourse to provide additional areas of shade for fans.

Sunscreen Stations (enhanced for 2019): complimentary sunscreen was a popular addition with fans last season and has been expanded this year with dispensers now available throughout the stadium concourse

Since NC State has had problems in the past actually keeping bottled water in stock at concession stands, it’s probably a good idea to take advantage of the rule that allows you to bring one unopened bottle of water into the stadium. Now that they’ve added free bottle refilling stations, you can just keep refilling your bottle without having to rely on concessions. This also means you don’t have to buy any overpriced bottles of water while you’re in the building, which is nice.