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ACC coaches dish anonymously about NC State, rest of league

Virginia v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

I always look forward to this piece from Athlon Sports, which allows coaches to give opinions anonymously about the other teams in their league. Usually it’s good for a chuckle or two about some of the crummier programs in the conference. (One coach on Louisville: “I don’t think the previous staff did any recruiting the last year or so.” Yikes!)

Here’s one nugget from the NC State portion:

You don’t want to play at their place. Does Raleigh get a lot of attention for its crowd? It really should. That place is hell when you’re coming in on a Thursday night. It’s one of the loudest stadiums in our league.

Nice to get some validation from an impartial party. There really is nothing quite like a big night game at Carter-Finley, and we sure as heck know how to take advantage of the fact that the stands are essentially right on top of the opposing bench. I’m looking forward to the Syracuse game already.