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NC State’s marching band made lots of friends in Morgantown for its ‘Sweet Caroline’ rendition

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

I was unaware of this, but the NC State marching band was not: West Virginia fans have their own unique and vulgar spin on “Sweet Caroline,” providing the only tolerable version of what is traditionally the worst song in the history of the world.

See here (warning: swears regarding Pitt football are involved):

(West Virginia and Pittsburgh have a longstanding football rivalry, you see.)

Did NC State’s band not know what they were doing? Oh, they knew.

I didn’t know how important this was to me until just now, but getting an entire stadium to shout “EAT SHIT PITT” in unison was a critical win in a weekend with none otherwise.

Perhaps needless to say, this particular song choice was very much appreciated by West Virginia fans. If I’m understanding the situation correctly, their band is not allowed to play “Sweet Caroline,” for the obvious swear-based reasons. So when somebody else comes in and provides...

(Cindy will be forgiven for the grammatical error on account of how much respect she is having and detailing.)

At least somebody in an NC State uniform delivered a win this weekend, am I right you guys.

But seriously, this is great. College football has its problems, sure, but how else are you going to get a visiting marching band becoming friends with 50,000 folks they’ve never met before?