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NC State opens as a 19-point favorite over Ball State

NCAA Football: Indiana at Ball State Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Weekend mood:

I think I’m going to send a bill to Dave Doeren—cigarettes are expensive these days, people!

But moving (cough) on from the garbage that was NC State’s football performance in West Virginia, it is time to turn the tobacco-stained page to Ball State, which is the worst college name I ever heard. Ball State. What does that even mean, Ball State. So noncommittal, like some useless man-in-suit centrist politician. Pick a ball already! Christ. I will support whatever happens to be your choice of ball-pursuits, be it football or softball or volleyball, but pick a ball, you wimps!

Ball State, their nickname is probably some generic shit like “Cardinals” or whatever. Everyone on campus walking around wearing pleated beige slacks.

Anyway, NC State opened in Vegas as a 19-point favorite to defeat the Ball State guys. Ball State is 1-2 on the season, its lone win against Fordham. But they have shown fight in losses to Indiana and Florida International—they got a pulse over there, despite what the school’s name implies.

How does a young NC State team come back from a terrible disappointment? How does NC State’s coaching staff do the same? At this point you just got to forget about West Virginia and get back on schedule, and a fast start would help a lot to demonstrate that everybody’s done just that.