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UConn stole one of NC State’s logos for its new student section branding but it’s fine we’re not mad

It’s a crummy logo anyway.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 18 Boston College at UConn Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Sound the alarm in the NC State lawhouse (it’s exactly like a firehouse, but for lawyers), there’s a lawyering emergency afoot! There has been some copyright infringing going on!

Connecticut rolled out a new brand for its student section—it’s called “The Pack”—which included a new logo. This new logo lifted an image from an old NC State logo that isn’t in circulation anymore because it sucks. Anyway this is what they did:

Basically they lifted the wolves and added some trees in there, which is a nice addition, I think. The funny bit is UConn didn’t realize its error until after the announcement and has since deleted all evidence of said announcement, including the release on its athletics site. You can still see the gist of the announcement in the url even though the article is gone.

According to the N&O’s Bailey Aldridge, the logo was designed by a UConn undergrad and obviously was not rigorously vetted. UConn has apologized to NC State and that’s the end of it.

NC State has been through this sort of thing before, notably with Nevada, but in this case I’d be okay with letting UConn have this one. All this logo does is remind me of the dark period where we had it on the football uniforms. It never fit with any of NC State’s more traditional branding and belongs on the trash heap of poor ideas. If another school wants to root around in said trash heap, hey, be my guest.