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A glance at the NC State offense’s production in 2019

I wouldn’t recommend directly looking at it.

North Carolina State v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

As you might have noticed, NC State’s offense is not currently trending in a positive direction. I would like to be optimistic that this will change, but now that State is juggling quarterbacks and may be to an extent starting from scratch, hey, who knows.

Here’s a glance at NC State’s game-by-game production on the offensive side this season.

Wolfpack Offense in 2019

Opp Rush Yds Pass Yds Plays Total Yds Yds/Play
Opp Rush Yds Pass Yds Plays Total Yds Yds/Play
ECU 191 314 70 505 7.21
WCU 309 231 86 540 6.28
WVU 144 225 86 369 4.29
Ball State 186 185 75 371 4.95
FSU 88 282 80 370 4.63
TOTALS 918 1237 397 2155 5.43

Against FBS opponents only, NC State is averaging a meager 5.2 yards per play and every opponent with a pulse has held the Pack under five yards per play. That ain’t good! NC State was held under 5.0 yards per play only one time during the 2018 regular season, and that was at Clemson. Which is, of course, forgivable.

We seem to be watching the worst-case scenario unfold for 2019: below-average quarterback play morphing the offense from good to bad in one year. I really thought whoever would end up starting at quarterback would be better than what we’ve seen from the bunch, and I guess that was just too much offseason optimism.

But hey, the offense should get better from here, if only because it can’t get any worse. Uh, I think.