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Highlights! Did NC State play a football team or a large pile of pudding?

Frankly, we may never know.

NCAA Football: Western Carolina at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

A day after the fact, I remain in awe of Western Carolina’s momentous second-half performance: four possessions, 12 plays, and 1 yard. One whole dang yard. Very Little Giants-esque.

“They gained a yard!”

Somehow the ACC Digital Network folks should have found a way to include that accomplishment in the highlight reel, but this like many other things about WCU’s football team can be difficult to bring into relief, because possibly these are not men but rather the various undulations of a large pile of pudding giving the appearance of men.

The Catamounts’ performance on both sides of the ball would suggest as much, that’s all I’m saying.

Through two weeks, NC State has allowed a total of 49 yards rushing, which ranks fifth in FBS. The Wolfpack is also fifth in total defense. Do not believe for a second that the Pack has a top-five defense, but it’s always fun to enjoy the early-season successes against scrub opponents.