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Week 5 Football: What to watch

A look at games that might pique your interest

North Carolina State v Georgia Tech Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

And we’re back at it with another fun-filled weekend of college football, with a few super good matchups. Unfortunately, there are no Thursday games this week, and that’s just sad, but have no fear - Friday will...

Well, Friday’s going to be pretty depressing, too. Wake Forest is going to destroy Campbell and BYU is going to toy around with Louisiana Tech. Football is football, though, so you’ll watch anyways.

Saturday, though. That’s when we start cookin’!

Right off the bat we’ll all be watching NC State take on Pittsburgh on the John Swofford Network of Sports and Sports-Related Activities for Eastern Seaboard Schools. For those of you with the dual-monitor setup, that Baylor-WVU game should be good (three of the last four in that series have been decided by 3 points or less). I’ll be watching ECU head down to Atlanta to pick up their first win of the season, while also keeping an eye on Eli Drinkwitz travelling to Tennessee to grab his first win. Don’t ask me why I’m so sure about the outcome of both of those games, I just am.

Also don’t hold it over my head after I’m wrong on both.

Alabama’s probably going to beat the pants off Texas A&M, even though that game is being overly hyped. That Memphis-SMU game should feature a ton of offense and be really fun, if and when you get sick of watching Nick Saban bludgeon another team while screaming at his hands like the serial killer he really is.

Go Boston College!

I wish Kansas State and Virginia Tech would play each other. SP+ hates Kansas State while Sagarin loves them, and VT is completely opposite with almost the exact inverse rankings.

Speaking of perfectly balanced alternate rankings between SP+ and Sagarin, that Auburn-Georgia game is just /chefs_kiss. Plus it’s going to be a fantastic game. You can keep an eye on the Oklahoma-ISU and UVA-Clemson games, but Oklahoma is coming off a loss so they’re going to hang 50 on Iowa State and Dabo probably took one look at their Sagarin ranking and fired up the ol’ Death & Dismemberment Detail screaming “Disrespect!!!”

Nobody cares, Dabo. You do you, bub.

And y’all do y’all, BTPers. Football! Huck it, chuck it!

Rankings for SP+ Ratings and Sagarin Ratings listed, respectively, ahead of each team’s name. [Note: SP+ is now ranking the 126 teams that are scheduled to play this year. Sagarin is ranking all 257 FBS and FCS teams.]


FCS/208 Campbell @ 93/96 Wake Forest - 7:00pm - ACCN

85/98 Louisiana Tech @ 27/17 BYU - 9:00pm - ESPN2


73/102 NC State @ 36/28 Pittsburgh - 12:00pm - ACCN

105/105 East Carolina @ 92/130 Georgia State - 12:00pm - ESPNU

34/46 South Carolina @ 8/8 Florida - 12:00pm - ESPN

45/60 TCU @ 11/16 Texas - 12:00pm - FOX

48/41 Missouri @ 24/33 Tennessee - 12:00pm - SECN

74/43 Arkansas State @ 82/116 Coastal Carolina - 12:00pm - ESPN2

21/30 Baylor @ 50/51 West Virginia - 12:00pm - ABC

FCS/228 North Alabama @ 97/88 Liberty - 1:00pm - ESPN3

19/25 Texas A&M @ 3/2 Alabama - 3:30pm - CBS

12/27 North Carolina @ 58/79 Boston College - 3:30pm - ABC

30/21 Memphis @ 39/44 SMU - 3:30pm - ESPN2

70/74 Texas Tech @ 54/19 Kansas State - 3:30pm - FS1

106/145 Charlotte @ 95/69 Florida Atlantic - 4:00pm - ESPNU

17/53 Virginia Tech @ 81/99 Duke - 4:00pm - ACCN

44/49 Ole Miss @ 43/38 Kentucky - 4:00pm - SECN

FCS/153 Jacksonville State @ 57/55 Florida State - 4:00pm - ESPN3

6/4 Auburn @ 4/6 Georgia - 7:30pm - ESPN

10/3 Oklahoma @ 41/73 Iowa State - 7:30pm - ABC

33/50 Virginia @ 2/13 Clemson - 8:00pm - ACCN