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Highlights! Hey, NC State found all the turnovers

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Baby, we are back! ... On a normal planet where turnovers can decide a game and we are taking advantage. It was a long break we endured on this front, and there were a lot of games that probably went the other way because of it, but no matter! We are a turnover-creating machine now!

Let Alim fill you in on his dream:

Honestly, if we had to go like 15 games with a paucity of forced turnovers, it was worth it just for this one, and what a hell of a play this is by Alim McNeill, who not only bats the ball out of the air while dealing with a trio of offensive linemen, but goes on ahead and nabs it for the score.

It was that kind of day for NC State, and for once, I ain’t talking about some negative bullshit. We were that negative bullshit, just dolloped all over somebody else, and what a beautiful thing it was.