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This is bullshit

North Carolina State v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

I’m trying to remember the last time winning a game also managed to take the wind out of me in such a substantial way, and I don’t think there’s an instance in football. There’s been those times in basketball, but none of them are exactly comparable either—it ain’t like losing Ilian Evimov to a hammy is the same as losing your promising starting quarterback.

Saturday was every bit the triumph that has been this team’s intended upper-case Definition in 2020, and it should also have been a significant celebration, but instead it was a rather sick joke, fucked over by the cruelty of fate. This is bullshit.

Devin Leary has had a fantastic year, and he deserved to be right there the whole time while State rallied back on an inferior Duke team and won. This was his comeback win as much as it belonged to anybody else.

These are exactly the games he’s earned with his hard work during the offseason. We missed him badly; we still won, but it was bullshit not having him there to lead the way, and we don’t know the next time he’s going to have that opportunity.

Sports are dumb as shit.