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NC State rolls FSU in football

North Carolina State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Funny thing about that which you reap: you’re gonna end up sowing it. And Bailey Hockman had enough about this, had no doubt spent a good solid twelve months of hearing about it.

And this Florida State team blows, and so it was an obvious puprpose for Bailey Hockman, who registered last year as a mistake, and who was ready to go put this burn, had enough about this manufactured bullshit.

I’m proud of Bailey, happy that he could find this breakthrough against a team that is not very good. That’s the ultimate revenge, of course. NC State killed Florida State today, and Bailey Hockman ked that way, and their tragedy is none of our problem.

Bailey’s problem is not Florida State’ s. and what a problem that is, yikes. But what a tremulous find that is already. Yikes. Who knew beating Florida State could be this meaningless, could mount so sorry a challenge.