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Highlights! NC State survives its harrowing adventure with Liberty

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

NC State had been a reliable helper for people who were betting the over on games, but on Saturday night they said “NO MORE.” The defense played as well as the offense was bad, and the result was an unexpectedly low-scoring game against Liberty.

The build-up to the tail end of the fourth quarter was super frustrating and would have landed that way in the final accounting if Liberty had made that field goal, but instead, NC State’s special teams stepped up and saved us that whole problem. And we love it, don’t we folks.

What an effort by this Wolfpack defense, which hassled Malik Willis to a breaking point (and also made it pretty plain why he transferred from Auburn to a mid-major) and won a game for the offense. I’m really happy for those guys.

The offense was shit last night and the defense had to find every last thing in its repertoire in order to win, and that’s somehow what happened. God love it.