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NC State wearing black alternate uniforms against Miami

It’s about time already.

Syracuse v North Carolina State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

As much as I appreciate NC State’s various red and white uniform combinations, I’d say it’s about time for some alternates. Now that State is actually getting a few home games, I’m getting my wish.

NC State will wear its Blood Moon alternates against Florida State next weekend and will be in all black against Miami on Friday night. Miami is by far the biggest game left on the home schedule, and if the uniform can help get your team hyped up in a way the lack of fans can’t, all the better.

My recollection may be off but I don’t think NC State wore black at any point last season. Which was the prudent move since wearing black during a season like that just invites a cascade of funeral jokes.

Let’s hope the proceedings on Friday night aren’t doing the same by the second half.