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NC State finds its best effort but Miami wins, 44-41

From ESPN intern to stuffing envelopes at FSU - Manny Diaz’s journey from UM fan to coach David Santiago/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

I found a minute there where I was angry about this game; found a good solid founding of injustice. It was helpful, since it was a centering moment, and you need those, y’know; it helps you parse whatever that which seems horrible.

NC State played great during the first quarter and NC State played great in the third quarter and also there were some dramatic penalties and Miami took advantage of State’s mistakes despite its own problems with efficiency.

How do you describe a game like this? State challenged D’Eriq King to throw the ball against man coverage, and he delivered. This was ultimately the defining status of the game—NC State tried to stop King this way, but he didn’t allow it.

State still managed an incredible half of offense, and took a 10-point lead well into the fourth quarter, and there’s no complaints here, no lesson to be had, unless your purpose is getting rid of Dave Doeren.

State spent two weeks figuring how to beat D’Eriq King and it almost worked, it might have possibly worked without those penalties, but those are the breaks. There’s always next time.