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The ACC in FPI, Week 15: That’s (just about) a wrap on 2020

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

After this past weekend, there are only two conference games left on the ACC schedule: the ACC title game ... and Florida State-Wake Forest. So we’ve pretty much wrapped up the regular season, and these FPI numbers probably aren’t going to move much with what’s left in the season:

ACC Standings by FPI Rank

Team Wk 15 FPI (Rank) Rank Change
Team Wk 15 FPI (Rank) Rank Change
Clemson 27.7 (3) --
Notre Dame 20.9 (6) 2
UNC 10.8 (24) 2
Miami 10.3 (26) -6
Virginia Tech 7.5 (31) 2
Louisville 6.5 (36) 9
Pitt 5.8 (40) 6
Wake Forest 5.3 (45) -11
BC 3.2 (56) 1
Virginia 2.8 (58) -4
NC State 1.6 (64) -4
FSU -3.5 (85) 5
Georgia Tech -4.3 (88) -2
Duke -7.1 (98) -1
Syracuse -8.2 (101) 1

NC State finished 2019 at No. 92 in FPI, so to be up nearly 30 spots after going the bulk of the year without Devin Leary is an impressive feat. That’s a bounce-back that I’d hoped for back in August, though I doubt I’d have been optimistic it could go this well.

Clemson and Notre Dame were obviously the class of the conference this season and both probably will end up in the playoffs. A good bit behind is the UNC/Miami/VT tier, and the next step for NC State would be to join that group. Gonna need some better injury luck, for one thing, to do that in 2021.