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NC State football ranks 23rd in returning production for 2020

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North Carolina State v North Carolina Photo by Andy Mead/ISI Photos/Getty Images

If Dave Doeren is going to get NC State back on track and also re-establish some job security for himself, he’ll need the experience earned by the younger players on the roster in 2019 to pay off.

NC State did have a young team last season, so it’s not surprising that it ranks high in terms of returning production: 23rd among all FBS schools. State is 15th in returning offensive production and 56th in returning defensive production. Theoretically this is reason for optimism, though I think we can all agree this isn’t going to mean much of anything results-wise unless the quarterbacking is better.

NC State certainly returns a lot of production at QB, but that production was mostly substandard, which is a big concern. Doeren probably doesn’t have enough time for one of those QBs to continue progressing slowly.

And there are other teams on the schedule returning a lot as well: Louisville (13th), UNC (18th), and Florida State (27th). Clemson (95), Syracuse (105), and Wake Forest (110) are losing a lot, but at this point, how many of these programs would you say NC State is gaining ground on, be it from behind or ahead? Syracuse maybe?