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NC State is No. 62 in early SP+ projections for 2020

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Well, I mean, you know, it could be worse and whatnot.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

After cratering badly in 2019, NC State can expect to be better with a few modest breaks in 2020—unless they’re modest bone breaks, that is. SP+ sees a bounce back into the middle of the FBS pack this season after the Wolfpack finished last year at 94.

These projections include recent performance on the field as well as recruiting success which helps to cut through some of the year-to-year noise in team performance. NC State began the 2019 season in the mid-40s and ended up well below that projection, and hopefully we’re not going to see a repeat.

There are nine ACC teams ahead of NC State in these early projections, with Clemson of course leading the way. Boston College, Wake Forest, and Syracuse are rated below State in the Atlantic, with the other three division foes ahead of the Pack. (And UNC is projected to be a top-20 team but let’s not talk about that right now, it’s too annoying.)

If the preseason projection is accurate, then NC State is probably a bowl team. It’s going to take a while to make a lot of us believers on that front, though.