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BTP The Offseason, Day 17: Missing those big plays on big days

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Remember sports?

Jamie Barnett and Ron Torry Holt Portrait

In a 1946 edition of Technician, I found the below song listed with the alma mater and fight song. A brief googling didn’t turn up any additional information on it, so it would seem it’s been lost to history. But it was printed in Technician several times throughout the 1940s, so for a while there at least it was a regular part of NC State’s game day traditions.

We’ll just have to imagine a tune to this ditty, I suppose. Maybe we can find a musically-inclined person out there to put a score to this thing. The great-way, the State-way.


I don’t know why it had never occurred to me to look through Getty’s archival stuff for NC State photos, but I see now what an oversight that was. I’m guessing this promo shot featuring Jamie Barnette and Torry Holt was taken prior to the 1998 season since broke out in 1997. Love that pose!