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College football probably isn’t coming back until college campuses are open again

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When can I see you again, football?

Wolfpack fans

If you read the tea leaves, it seems clear that college football officials are preparing us for the fact that football in 2020 ain’t happening. There are several reasons for this, and the first of those is that the NCAA and its participating scam-artists aren’t interested in doing anything to alter the notion that college football players are anything but regular college students.

[NCAA chief medical officer Brian Hainline] does not see a scenario in which athletes are allowed back on campus but not the rest of the student population because “that would create an optic that just isn’t consistent with the NCAA’s core values.” That point has been echoed by other college leaders, most notably Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby, in recent days.

[insert eye roll here]

So college campuses have to be open for everybody; that’s requirement one. The other, which is the crux of the above-linked article, is that the players are obviously going to need a significant warm-up to the season, and that means at least a four-week training camp to build guys up to being ready for a full-contact sport.

There’s talk there from Dr. McNCAA about players needing four-to-six weeks of preseason training in order to be safely prepared to play college football, but I figure that’s aggressive, since we’re talking about bringing kids back from home, rather than off of an on-campus offseason program.

You can’t just jump off in September if kids haven’t been around since mid-July at the earliest. The players need time to re-acclimate, and, in theory, if you want the season to start on time, they need advanced warning that college semesters are going to start as usual. What, do you figure, are the odds on that?

You feel like everything is going to be back to normal in September? Because I sure don’t. Not so long as this country lags so far behind in testing.

The other factors here are the smoldering ruins of logic otherwise categorized as the judgment-lacking, Fox-News-bitch-brained idiots who are trying to create infection flash-points by protesting common sense.

The loudest don’t represent the majority, but certainly in this case we’re all going to fucking pay for their shouty bullshit, to the degree they’re burying live sports in 2020. There’s been the growing problem throughout the Trump era of you-can’t-do-logic-with-these-people which was depressing but at least vaguely understandable in a strictly political sense, but now here are the worst people at the forefront, and, well, let’s just hope they don’t get us all killed.

They are probably administering the final killing blow to football season, though.