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Caesars sets NC State’s 2020 football win total at 4.5

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There’s nothing June about this at all!

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve started to see some college football win totals emerging from Vegas, and let’s just say that there is a shortage of optimism regarding NC State’s 2020 prospects. Take, for instance, these totals from Caesars, which puts State’s over/under at 4.5 wins. Not super encouraging!

Given that NC State hasn’t made an upgrade at quarterback this offseason, the pessimism is understandable. But I feel like NC State can get to six wins as long as it avoids another comically huge rash of injuries. Figure Devin Leary improves at least a little bit, and it’s highly unlikely that the Pack goes through another year with such terrible turnover luck.

Remember, State went six straight games without forcing a turnover last year, which was some ridiculous misfortune. We should see some bounce-back here, not that I’m suggesting that State is suddenly due to force like 35 turnovers this season.

It just takes a return to something closer to normalcy on the turnover/injury fronts to raise NC State’s ceiling. Mind you, I still don’t think that ceiling is high, but with just a basic level of assistance from the football gods, I think they can get back to the postseason.