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BTP The Offseason, Day 153: Welcome, freshmen!

North Carolina State Campus Photo by Lance King/Replay Photos via Getty Images

Monday was the first day of classes at NC State, which is one of the institutions that opted to begin its fall semester early in order to end it before the Thanksgiving break. Getting the kids out of here before Thanksgiving is one of the reasons I maintain some optimism for basketball, but the football team won’t spend any part of its season without the students around, and how well the general population abides by safety protocols may tell the tale.

It’s clear at this point that a lot of power-conference football players feel safe within the environments their programs have established, but they can’t stay inside whatever de facto bubble has been established around the football facilities all the time, which is of course the whole problem to begin with.

So the next few weeks ought to be interesting, if the ACC remains go-for-launch in the meantime. On that front, Boo Corrigan met with the Wolfpack team this morning, most likely to update everybody on the discussions had by league officials yesterday.