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BTP The Offseason, Day 160: Well go start your own network, then

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 01 Louisville at NC State Photo by Jaylynn Nash/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Among other things yesterday, there was this rather bizarre op-ed published by Technician that shits all over student-run PackTV for covering sports and only covering sports. The author laments the lack of original student programming on campus in other areas, but I’m not sure what yelling about the kids covering sports who want to cover sports has anything to do with it.

I believe the people at PackTV should either return to operating under the name of “Wolfpack Sports Television” and stick to only covering sports while a new station grows, or they should drastically consolidate their sports coverage and join the ranks of new creators aiming to produce original and worthwhile programming for the student body.

There’s a lot of pedantic meandering about the name PackTV in this column, which is so beside whatever point is being attempted here, it confuses and overwhelms the entire piece.

I’m sure there’s plenty of room for non-sports content from NC State students. That said content doesn’t exist is not the fault of the kids who want to cover sports and do so in the hopes of breaking into sports media. This ain’t a zero-sum game.

In other news:

— Forward progress on a saliva test for COVID-19 is an encouraging development and definitely has implications for college sports. The Wolfpacker’s Justin H. Williams wrote about that. I mainly link to this piece for its excellent incorporation of a Bradley Chubb gif.

The SEC announced its 2020 football schedule on Monday.

— Football? Football.