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An all-NC State fantasy football draft

The BTP staff got together for a fantasy football draft featuring NC State players from 2000-2019

North Carlins State v Maryland
Mr. 1.1
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

It’s the off-season.

Well, let me try that again. It’s the 2020 off-season. And even though fall camp has officially kicked off, we’re still looking for ways to entertain ourselves with sports until we actually have college games to watch.

With that thought in mind, we here at BTP figured it might be fun to do a fantasy draft of former (and some current) NC State players from the last 20 seasons. So here’s the format:

  • Everyone drafts a full 11-man offense and 11-man defense, plus a kicker and punter.
  • The personnel package for offense and defense is up to the person drafting.
  • The J.R. Sweezy rule: You can only play a player in a position that they lined up for while at State.
  • Draft order is randomly selected, and will proceed in a snake draft format.

Drafted rosters are listed below, with the round that each player was drafted in parentheses after their name. The order of teams listed below is based on the draft order, so if you want to follow along the snake order to go pick-by-pick, you can do that. And, yes, of course Philip Rivers went first overall.

After each team, the BTP writer/drafter gives a little insight into their thoughts on their team.



QB - Philip Rivers (1)

RB - Matt Dayes (3)

RB - Ray Robinson (9)

WR - Jerricho Cotchery (2)

WR - Stephen Louis (10)

TE - Anthony Hill (21)

T - Scott Kooistra (19)

G - Reggie Poole (20)

C - Jed Paulsen (8)

G - Joshua Fedd-Jackson (23)

T - Emmanuel McGirt (24)


DE - Kentavius Street (5)

DT - B.J. Hill (4)

DT - Thomas Teal (14)

DE - Darian Roseboro

DE/LB - Willie Young (6)

LB - Germaine Pratt (7)

LB - Audie Cole (11)

LB - Jerod Fernandez (13)

CB - Dontae Johnson (16)

S - Jarius Morehead (15)

CB - Jeremy Gray (18)

Special Teams

K - Niklas Sade (17)

P - A.J. Cole III (22)

“I think it should be pretty clear to everyone that I won this draft. I don’t need to say it for it to be blatantly clear that this team would crush all the teams below. It should go without saying, so I won’t say it because I know in the comments below it will be unanimous. Moving on.

If you get the first pick, obviously the easiest choice on the board is the legend himself, dad of the decade Mr. Rivers. You could pair him with a bunch of intramural players and he’d still pass for 3,000 yards. Luckily he won’t have to do that since he’ll have the Pippen to his Jordan in Jerricho Cotchery with Steph Louis as a great second option. It was a beauty watching Rivers and Cotchery communicate telepathically when they’d both read the same thing happening with the defense and make the same hot route without saying to each other. Supposedly Jerricho would line up wide, he and Phil would just exchange looks and know what to do. Sigh, what a time.

Now, I had the opportunity to recreate the full trio and bring in TA McLendon. Did you know that in 2003 they had the only returning 3,000+ yard QB, 1,000 yard WR and 1,000 yard RB? Don’t google that, I’m using my mental google to go back 17 years (shit, that’s a long time ago). Yes, we all know TA was in. But for me personally, I was directly in line with him while in the front row of the student section when he fumbled a sure first down in the 4th quarter of Rivers’ final home game vs [redacted], helping them steal that game. It has been hard for me to reconcile the trauma of seeing the ball pop out in slow motion with being able to acknowledge he had a great career for State. So I went with Matt Dayes, who has more yards and TD’s than any other State RB in the last 20 years.

On defense, I’m keeping the theme of this being an Amato-esque team going. We’re stacking the box and putting our corners on islands. It very often didn’t work for him but it’ll work this time for sure I’m certain of it. Plus we’re gonna lead the country in blitzes so the opposing QB won’t have time to think before he gets pancaked. The Amato era was like living on a razor’s edge at all times. He was a go big or go home kind of coach, and we lived through both ends of that spectrum. It was always so exciting seeing the defense smell blood in the water, show an obvious blitz coming and then pull it off. This is not a DL/LB corps you want to mess with. Probably the one player I regret not taking was Thunder Dan. But in a sense we all have Thunder Dan on our team now, and in our hearts forever.

The secondary is on their own, god’s speed. Everyone really struggled drafting corners. Turns out what your eyes were seeing was true when we looked back at the numbers. That position at State has been ROUGH for a very long time.

On special teams, I went with Sade. Lord knows he wasn’t the most accurate kicker, but he has by far the most number of extra points, field goals and total points of any other kicker. Chris Dunn might get there, but he’s got some time left. And for punter, I feel like we all did not appreciate AJ Cole enough when he was here. 9,200+ yards with a 42 yard average. He had to punt a LOT in some of his seasons, and was always reliable. Gill has been a great replacement with a really high average (47 yards/punt is nuts), but like Dunn I took total experience over success with a smaller sample.

The theme here was a lot of veteran talent with highly skilled players at almost every position. They’ll have a Playstation offense, put up a lot of points and yards, while the defense racks up strip sacks and blocked punts. I rest my case, and my case is winning. Just look at the cover image for this article. That is the picture of a winner. “



QB - Jacoby Brissett (2)

RB - T.A. McLendon (5)

RB - Zonovan Knight (12)

JS - Jaylen Samuels (1)

WR - T.J. Graham (6)

WR - Tramain Hall (11)

T - Jake Vermiglio (8)

G - R.J. Mattes (10)

C - Camden Wentz (21)

G - Terronne Prescod (20)

T - Ikem Ekwonu (19)


DE - Manny Lawson (4)

DT - J.R. Sweezy (16)

DT - John McCargo (17)

DE - Art Norman (15)

LB - Nate Irving (3)

LB - Isaiah Moore (24)

CB - David Amerson (9)

S - Adrian Wilson (7)

S - Earl Wolff (13)

S - Josh Jones (18)

CB - Juston Burris (14)

Special Teams

K - Josh Czajkowski (23)

P - Wil Baumann (22)

“Offensively I wanted a lot of versatility at the skills positions and being able to draft Jay Sam as a TE (or a JS) first ensured I had that all on its own. I like that Jacoby is most comfortable in the pocket, love what he brings in leadership but can still use his wheels to make plays if my OL breaks down. OL as a whole is solid, not unstoppable but we can cover that with Jacoby’s legs and screen plays to get our playmakers in space. Decided to go with a two back set, so T.A. gives me an every down back that can run between the tackles (AND CLEARLY SCORE TDs AT THE GOAL LINE!) while Bam Knight has enough speed and elusiveness to be a change of pace (or take the start when T.A. inevitably gets hurt). T.J. and Tremain round out an offense that is going to be more run based. but can still break big plays in the passing game or the return game.

Versatility was a theme. On defense I have seen State run the 4-3, 4-2-5 and now 3-3-5, I will always be partial to the 42 defense. I like an extra defensive back on the field to counter spreads but love to be able to stop the run. On the DL, Manny can play in a stance or stand up while Young Sweazy, John McCargo and the very underrated Art Norman go to work. In the defensive backfield I basically drafted three SS but Josh Jones has played FS before and has the instincts to play NB. Adrian Wilson is probably the best player on the whole defense and could also slot into that NB role if need be. I think coverage is going to suffer on this team but with those three guys, stopping the run will be a cakewalk. If we can take away the run that leaves a ball-hawk like (sophomore year please) David Amerson to break his own record as QBs foolishly try to make desperation while Juston Burris shuts down the other WR. AT LB, I was biased since Isaiah Moore is a newly minted fraternity brother of mine who I’ve interacted with a few times...but as we’ve seen his level of manly deeds, leadership and love for all mankind off the field goes a long way to supplement his great play on the field. He’s the youngest of all the defensive players and I wouldn’t be surprised if he were still voted captain...and that’s even with the Human Suplex Machine, Nate Irving sharing LB duties with him.

Josh and Wil are guaranteed not to lose us any games even if they aren’t winning us any either on ST. With this team though...they won’t have to have that kind of pressure.”



QB - Ryan Finley (1)

RB - Nyheim Hines (4)

WR - Kelvin Harmon (2)

WR - Jakobi Meyers (5)

WR - Darrell Blackman (10)

TE - George Bryan (11)

T - Joe Thuney (6)

G - Tony Adams (8)

C - Quinton Schooley (9)

G - Joe Sculthorpe (15)

T - Will Richardson (7)


DE - Bradley Chubb (3)

DT - Justin Jones (12)

DT - Larrell Murchison (13)

DE - James Smith-Williams (19)

LB - Terrell Manning (17)

LB - Payton Wilson (18)

LB - Rodman Noel (23)

CB - C.J. Wilson (14)

S - Brandon Bishop (16)

S - Hakim Jones (22)

CB - A.J. Davis (20)

Special Teams

K - Christopher Dunn (21)

P - John Deraney (24)

“My goal on offense was to acquire the 2017 football team, and I would’ve gotten close if not for SOMEONE picking Jaylen Samuels second overall. Rude. Still, though, good luck stopping this offense. Getting Ryan Finley and Kelvin Harmon on the same team was my number one priority, and getting to add Meyers as well made me unreasonably happy, because that is my favorite collection of players in NC State history. Also kinda stumbled into George Bryan, but that’s a hell of a group of pass catchers, and Bryan is a great consolation prize for not getting Jaylen Samuels. Finley will throw for 800 yards per game. I have already decided this.

I may have neglected the defense in order to build this offense. They say defense wins championships, but that’s really up to you guys here I suppose, and also they’re wrong. State still has enough stars in its recent past to have a pretty impressive defensive line, even if I only had one defensive pick in the first 10 rounds. I wanted pass rushers though, and I got some pass rushers, so I’m happy about that. I’m not sure how to feel about the back seven, but I’m a huge Brandon Bishop fan because he follows me on twitter. I was going to run a 4-2-5 but the only nickel I would draft was Shawn Boone, and someone took him before I could, but apparently untook him because I don’t see him on here anywhere. Shawn if you’re out there come join my team I promise I won’t bench you for a freshman for one game and give up 18 passing touchdowns to Wake Forest.

Christopher Dunn is a lock. I was like 8 when John Deraney played but someone said he was good so I’m confident in my special teams picks.”



QB - Russell Wilson (1)

RB - Andre Brown (4)

RB - Shadrach Thornton (22)

WR - Koren Robinson (3)

WR - Owen Spencer (13)

TE - T.J. Williams (8)

T - Chris Colmer (16)

G - Sean Locklear (10)

C - Garrett Bradbury (7)

G - Leroy Harris (18)

T - Jarvis Borum (20)


DE - Mario Williams (2)

DT - Alim McNeill (9)

DE - Mike Rose (14)

LB - Levar Fisher (5)

LB - Dantonio Burnette (6)

LB - Stephen Tulloch (11)

LB - Pat Thomas (15)

CB - Marcus Hudson (12)

S - Andre Maddox (19)

S - Terrence Holt (23)

CB - Brian Williams (17)

Special Teams

K - Steven Hauschka (21)

P - Trenton Gill (24)

“On offense, my goal was to grab a QB in the 1st round and I was shocked to see Russell Wilson still there at pick 4, so that was a steal to me. I also thought Koren Robinson was a steal in the 3rd round. Owen Spencer opposite of K-Rob will take the top off defenses. T.J. Williams is the best blend of blocking and receiving skills and was the #1 TE on my board. The OL is booked by 6’5 Colmer and 6’7 Borum, with three NFL linemen in the middle. Bradbury was a 1st round NFL Draft pick, Locklear and Colmer 3rd rounders, and Harris a 4th rounder. Borum, for those too young to remember him, was incredibly athletic for his size (seriously, go look at his NFL Combine numbers) and just mauled dudes. This O-line is legit.

The way Shadrach Thornton’s career ended at State has overshadowed the player he was on the field, but I’ll take his productivity. He as the secondary option to Andre Brown running behind this OL would be killer. If I had it to do over, I might take a slot receiver like Thayer Thomas instead of Thornton to round out my offense, but I’m confident here given Thornton’s talents off a moped.

On defense, my LB corps is the best, hands down. I couldn’t believe all those guys were still around each time my pick came up. Heck, I toyed with the idea of taking Oliver Hoyte or Clayton White later in the draft and running a 3-5-3 with a single safety. As is, I decided in the 15th round to go with Pat Thomas and a 3-4 alignment rather than John McCargo and a 4-3. Not sure I could go wrong with either, but I’ll take the flexibility of the 3-4.

I chose the more dominant peak of Mike Rose’s career over Art Norman’s four-year consistency to line up opposite Mario Williams, who himself needs absolutely no explanation for being my 2nd pick. I think Alim NcNeill will finish his career as the best DT in program history. CB hasn’t exactly been a strength for State, but I think I grabbed two of the better and more consistent ones in Marcus Hudson and Brian Williams. Andre Maddox might be the most underrated safety in program history, and I went with Terrence Holt over Rod Johnson for the special teams kick-blocking abilities, even though I think Johnson was the overall better safety.

On special teams, Hauschka is still (for now) the most accurate of the kickers and we all know how well he’s done in the pros. Trenton Gill does nothing but kick piss missiles, so I’ll gladly take that. Koren Robinson is my punt and kick returner.”



QB - Harrison Beck

RB - Johnny Frasier

RB - Nakia Robinson Jr.

WR - Eric Leak

WR - Maurice Trowell

TE - Thaddeus Moss

T - Derek Morris

G - Kalani Hepp

C - Keegan Weir

G - Ryan Harrow

T - Rob Crisp


DE - Terrance Chapman

DT - Ben “Shug” Frazier

DE - Xavier Lyas

LB - D.J. Green

LB - Brock Miller

LB - Ford Howell

LB - Corrie Dawson

CB - Kishawn Miller

S - Tim Kidd-Glass

S - Tim Buckley

CB - Maurice Trowell

Special Teams

K - Kyle Bambard

P - Nathan Franklin

PirateWolf: “Steven decided to ignore all our emails and calendar invites and skip the draft, so we collectively drafted on his behalf. We felt these players embodied the essence of what Steven desires in an NC State Football player, for one reason or another. And, why yes, that is Ryan Harrow, basketball Guard.”


It has to be said: there are some absolute studs who didn’t get drafted. Shame on Alec for being too young to remember most of them. You could make an absurdly good team just out of those guys that weren’t picked. I mean, would you take this team?

QB - Mike Glennon

RB - Toney Baker, Reggie Gallaspy II

WR - Bryan Peterson, Jarvis Williams

TE - Willie Wright

OL - Tyler Jones, Zach Allen, Joe Scelfo, Shane Riggs, John McKeon

DE - Shawn Price, George Anderson

DT - T.Y. McGill, Demarcus “Tank” Tyler

LB - Oliver Hoyte,- Clayton White, Freddie Aughtry-Lindsay

CB - Nick McCloud, Jack Tocho

S - Rod Johnson, Garland Heath

K - Adam Kiker

P - Austin Herbert

Anyways, this was pretty fun. Let us know who you think picked the best team and what you think were the biggest surprises!


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